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Veterinary Services

The doctors and medical team at the Buckley Veterinary Hospital provide a wide variety of services for your companion and small animal needs with more than thirty years of combined veterinary experience. Our goal is to provide quality preventative, medical and surgical care in a manner that is flexible to your needs.


Health care packages include all exams, vaccines, parasite screening and prevention for the first year of your pet's life and microchip implantation. Puppy packages will include a 10% discount towards spaying and neutering while kitten packages include spaying and neutering in the initial cost of the package. Clients also receive a complimentary starter kit, complete with product samples and educational/reference materials.


    Comprehensive Annual Exams
    Preventative Vaccinations
    Internal Parasite Screening
    Microchip Implanting
    Preemptive Parasite Control (Flea, Ticks, Heartworm and Internal Parasites)


    Comprehensive Wellness Plan
    Blood/Urine Evaluations and Blood Pressure Assessment:
    Monitoring of major bodily functions and organs to establish baselines as your pet ages to locate abnormalities at an early state to help in preventing secondary issues.


    Full-service surgical suite for routine and elective procedures.
    From spays and neuters, or laceration and abscess repairs, to ACL and TPLO procedures, we are capable of completing most procedures on-site. Buckley Veterinary Hospital is proud to work with the best regional specialists to optimize patient care and provide call-in board-certified surgeons for our clients. We utilize combinations of safe anesthetics and our patients are monitored during anesthesia with ECG, SPO2, and respiratory monitors while positioned on a heated table with climate control.

  • In-house laboratory in conjunction with specialized diagnostic laboratories.
  •     Referral orthopedic and a broad range of surgical skills (including ACL surgery).
  • Radiology - onsite x-ray with off-site specialist review when appropriate.
  • Ultrasound- call-in ultrasonography specialists.
  • Onsite pharmacy with a full range of medications to best treat your family member.


  •     Pre-Operative Bloodwork

We encourage pre-anesthetic panels to ensure the safety of our patients undergoing surgery.

  • Quality Dentistry Services

    Our services include dental examinations, ultrasonic teeth cleaning, polishing and extractions for dogs and cats as well as our NEW and POPULAR non-anesthetic dentistry for appropriate candidates.

  • Domestic and International Health Certificates

for clients traveling with their pets.

  • Diet Recommendations

    Thorough counsel depending on the needs of your pet with a wide variety of prescription diets formulated by Hill's and Royal Canine.

  • Pain Management

    Our educated team works hard toward identifying and treating pain whether it is of oral, joint, soft tissue or other origin. We use a multi-modal approach through combinations of diet, supplements, medications and specialist referrals.


We strive to provide complete care for our patients. Learn more about all the services we provide.
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